The Bird.

Name: Elaine Christie Smith.
I like to play the drums. Listen to Music. Swim. Drink coffee & Diet Pepsi. I love concerts. I love to watch Dexter, Gossip Girl, Medium, and horror and funny movies. I love shopping (Urban Outfitters and goodwill mostly). I love hanging with my friends & family. I love visting my sister's in Atlanta and Lansing. I love my brother's band, "The Kodaks." I am going through life as best as i can. I want to go to college and get a great career with art or music.
The Kills

—Sour Cherry

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Friday 5/6/11 :)

I’m sitting in class right now, I can’t wait until after school. I get to hang out with my friends; Kyle, Olivia, Raegan, and Lindsay. Can’t wait to go to summerset to go out to get some cool stuff from Urban:) (Also celebrating my Birthday early). Can’t wait! Yay.

The Black Ghosts

—Repetition Kills You

The Black Ghosts- Repetition Kills You.

Righteous Song/Band


—Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Awesome Cover

Foals//Everybody Wants To Rule the World.